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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fasco Sticky Corners/Sticky Spots

Sticky Corners

Pre-cut self adhesive squares can make any product self adhesive in seconds! They are carrier of free pressure sensitive adhesive that can be transferred to any surface by simple thumb pressure. Can be used; for mounting pictures, art, craft, hobbies, fixing name/business cards to gifts, flowers decoration, decorations, visitor books at trade events, etc. all this without use of any staple pins or tapes.

A sheet of sticky corners

The squares can be lifted lightly from the sheet of release paper for placing on the object to be made self adhesive.

The square is placed on the object, in this case we demonstrate a business card. The square or sticky corner is placed on the backside of a business card and thumb pressure is applied to transfer the glue/pressure sensitive adhesive to the business card converting it to be a sticker. There is no tissue or filmic carrier, just the free floating adhesive is transferred

The release paper from the square is now removed to expose the adhesive and the business card is ready to be pasted anywhere. The business card can be replaced by a flower, a gem, a stone, a ribbon or any decoration!

Peel off the release paper and turn around the business card and paste it where ever you need to fix it. This could be in a visitor book as shown. Unlike in the case a stapler is used where  the card can not be put in the middle of the visitor book, in this case you can fix it anywhere. They cards are stored in the visitor book in an orderly manner

You can fix business card on a gift as shown! With no pins or tapes showing and easy to fix.

Transfer adhesive products can be supplied in different profiles. They are available also as tapes branded by us, "Stiffy" ...make stickers in a jiffy!

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