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Friday, July 9, 2021

Fasco Tamper Evident security label and tape materials

   Security label/seal options



Description: The Label/Seal is green in colour when applied but when peeled off it changes colour and splits into yellow on the film and blue on the residue of paper substrate left on the surface. If one tries to remove the paper substrate left behind, it breaks into small pieces. Once opened the tampering is visible due to colour change

Tamper –Evident Multilayered Partially destructible “VOID” Labels

Description: Shown above is a demo of how our specially developed security labels/seals work. They look like ordinary labels pasted across the tape on a carton or an envelope or a package. When attempted to be peeled off, the words” VOID OPENED” appear on both the removed film and the residual paper left behind. Further security is provided by the fact that if one attempts to remove the residual paper layer, it is destructible! It tears off only in small pieces!


Tamper evident security seals

  • Write on it with a ball pen! Sign it!
  • Rubber stamp it!
  • Inkjet print inline!
  • Automatic dispensing!
  • Tamper  Evident ! Shows VOID OPENED on peeling off!
  • Exhibits Tamper Evidence even when resealed!
  • Multiple level of security offered by multilayered construction!
  • Works on most surfaces including Kraft paper based packaging!
  • Any tape applied on the matt surface shows as gloss!
  • You can customize! Replace VOID OPENED with your own message
  • Your guarantee against pilferage!

Double side adhesive coated Polybag sealing tamper evident tape

Plain single layer  Void Labels

Blue Void

More Options:

Other variants available as labelstock, tape and die-cut labels include:

  1. White Void
  2. Single layered coloured Void
  3. Multilayered destructible Void with multiple security features
  4. Dual colour (Colour changing) Void
  5. Clear transparent Void that works on UV Varnished cartons
  6. Specially designed Void that works on paper substrate
Many more

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