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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fasco A4 Inkjet/Laser Labels

A4 Laser/Inkjet Labels


Layflat -High-tack adhesive-Non-jamming-Non-curling-Economical

You need to use a product designed by a specialist. Simply die-cutting Labelstock/Sticker paper outsourced from a supplier does not make one a specialist label producer.

It takes a lot more… At Weldon we have indulged and thoughtfully designed the label stock to address all the above said problems. We are innovative manufacturers of self adhesive Label-stocks/Sticker paper in India. Starting from producing our own release papers, applying special adhesive, laminating to perfection and converting to make the best labels, is all done by us in-house. We use the same paper to perform as release paper and face paper. This ensures same moisture levels and similar dimensional stability achieving exceptional flatness. Use the label and decide yourself if it really comes from a specialist!

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